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Install Ruby. Download from:

Once Ruby is installed, open a command prompt. Cmd:

ruby -v

This should display a line which looks similar to:

Ruby 2.0 …

Then Compass + SASS

Assuming the above works ^^, in the same command prompt or a new one,
enter the following 4 commands,
waiting for each to complete before typing the next.
These commands install items, including Compass and SASS which Sencha relies on when building apps:

gem install haml
gem install haml-edge
gem install compass
gem install sass

sencha app build production


Then cross your fingers…

To start REMEMBER “The Sencha SDK Tools are being deprecated, so install the Sencha CMD instead”.

Once you’re finished, you can type things like that: sencha -sdk /path/to/sdk generate app MyApp /path/to/myapp


In my case: sencha -sdk C:\xampp\htdocs\touch-2.2.0 generate app Moodbox C:\xampp\htdocs\moodboxapp
The SDK path refers to the downloaded (decompressed) It was no clear for me at all…
And it’s nice to generate your app inside your webserver for obvious reasons!


It will generate an output like that..

The tutorial:!/guide/getting_started-section-4


Well the Eclipse plugin is out of my scope, so I’m using for testing: thanks to a nice person who pointed it to me ^^


Generate controllers:

C:\xampp\htdocs\moodboxapp>sencha generate controller Main
Sencha Cmd v3.1.1.274


[INF] generate-controller-impl:
[INF] [echo] Updating app.js mvc references
[INF] [echo] Detected models :
[INF] [echo] Detected views : Blog,Contact,Home,Main
[INF] [echo] Detected controllers : Main
[INF] [echo] Detected stores :
[ERR] MERGE CONFLICT – C:\xampp\htdocs\moodboxapp\.\app.js
[ERR] Please resolve manually – see C:\xampp\htdocs\moodboxapp\.\app.js
[INF] -after-generate-controller:
[INF] generate-controller:
[INF] -after-generate-controller:

You have to merge everything added to app.js manually after